Kersi & Eric—Engagement Photography: Dayton, Ohio

Kersi and Eric are due to be wed next month in Dayton, Ohio. So for their engagement session, we all headed up to Eric’s family’s farm, which sits on a pretty hillside outside the city. We trekked around the property, making rather swifty time in the John Deere Gator that Eric drove. The bulls equated the Gator with “food,” so whenever Eric revved the motor, the bulls came stampeding in our direction. There were a few big ones, with horns that reminded one of Pamplona. When they got close, you could tell they weren’t too thrilled with our oversight on the food thing. Then they’d all sigh loudly and trundle off, looking back now and then just to re-iterate their grief. It was a great show, even if I did honestly feel sorry for them. Anyway, it made for a really fun session.

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