Brittany & Shannon—Wedding photography: White Hall in Richmond, Kentucky

It’s always fun documenting the weddings of former students, particularly one as charismatic and charming as Brittany. She’s also, it should be said, wildly animated. And I had a hunch it would make for interesting photographs. This proved true. At one point, during a three-minute car ride to Wal-Mart, for instance, I snapped off about 20 or 30 frames of her behind the wheel. And I could have easily made a slideshow of just these photos alone–the range of dramatic expressions, laughter and emotion would have put a great opera to shame. Anyway, it’s great to see her paired with Shannon, who’s a really great guy. They’re brilliantly matched, I must say. And it was great to be able to watch them begin their life together. They were married in world-record time at the beautiful White Hall estate outside Richmond, Kentucky.

If you’d like to view their photography slideshow, just click this link.

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